How to make a fake Universität Wien diploma?


Universität Wien diploma
Universität Wien diploma

Buy a Universität Wien diploma in 2024. How long to get a Universität Wien diploma? Make a fake diploma. Buy a fake diploma online. In order to enable freshmen to adapt to university life as quickly as possible, the University of Vienna has adopted the guidance system piloted by the Austrian University Student Union since 1976. This guidance system consists of a senior or teacher major student who has received corresponding training as a guidance student and 12 A group of freshmen is formed, and the tutor provides a wide range of information and help. Through group activities, these freshmen can stabilize their emotions, turn helping others into self-help, and enhance their self-determination ability. At the same time, they can help them choose study courses, discuss career ideas and employment In the future, tutoring activities will be concentrated in the first semester.

This kind of activity is independently organized by senior students in accordance with the general principles of the Student Union and is funded by the Student Union, with national funding reaching 1.6 million shillings per semester. On the one hand, this system helps to solve the contradiction of “few teachers and many students”. On the other hand, senior students can get exercise at work and increase their economic income. Freshmen can also shorten the “adaptation period” and help improve the quality of teaching. , well received by students.

Compared with the classical degree system, the current degree system is very different in content. In form, it is still a three-level degree system, divided into three degrees: master’s degree, doctorate, and teaching qualification.

The 15 colleges of the University of Vienna are the Catholic Theological Seminary, the Protestant Theological Seminary, the Law School, the School of Business Economics and Statistics, the School of Computer Science, the School of Historical and Cultural Studies, the School of Language and Cultural Studies, the School of Philosophy and Education, the School of Psychology, and the School of Social Sciences , School of Mathematics, School of Physics, School of Chemistry, School of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, and School of Life Sciences.

The University of Vienna offers more than 110 majors, arranged as follows: Africana, ancient history and ancient cultures, ancient Jewish philosophy and Middle Eastern archeology, English language and literature, American studies, Arabic studies, astronomy, business management, botany, genetics Science, human biology, microbiology, ecology, paleontology, zoology, biology and earth science, biology and commodity science, ancient Hellenism, biochemistry, chemistry, food chemistry, German philosophy, geology, mineralogy and crystallography, petroleum, nutrition, Hungarian, French, geography, economics, cartography, history, history and sociology, nutrition, informatics, international business management, Italian, history of art, mathematics, Medicine, geophysics, meteorology, musicology, education, music education, pharmacy, education and psychology, physics, political science, psychology, journalism and communication, mass media, media arts, humanities, statistics , general linguistics, applied linguistics, drama, translation education, comparative literature, national economy, etc. Where can I buy a Universität Wien degree?

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