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ZHAW diploma


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The Zurich University of Applied Sciences, abbreviated as “Zürich University of Technology” and “ZHAW“, was formed by the merger of four universities in the state of Zurich – Winterthur University, Waddensweil University, Zurich School of Applied Psychology and Zurich Academy of Social Sciences. Suzhou University of Science and Technology has its administrative management located in the center of Winterthur, retaining the strong subjects of the original colleges, strengthening regional connections, expanding international exchanges, and becoming the most comprehensive and powerful university of applied sciences in Switzerland. After several years of hard work, Suzhou University of Science and Technology now has more than 9,000 students, offering 24 undergraduate programs, 12 general graduate programs and more than 30 in-service graduate programs. The university emphasizes cross-professional cooperation and has established a number of interdisciplinary majors that are highly applicable and research-oriented. The graduates it cultivates have both ability and political integrity, and the employment rate is significantly higher than the average of Swiss universities and even European universities.

Suzhou University of Science and Technology currently has 8 major colleges and universities. The main campus in Winterthur has the School of Architectural Engineering, the School of Health, the School of Applied Languages, the School of Engineering and the School of Economics, Management and Law; the Waddenswell campus has the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management; the Zurich branch has the School of Social Sciences and School of Applied Psychology.

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