How to get a fake Nebosh IGC certificate in 2023?


Nebosh IGC certificate
Nebosh IGC certificate

Buy a realistic Nebosh IGC certificate. How long to get a fake Nebosh certificate from UK. Buy a fake UK certificate. The NEBOSH IGC course content is as follows:
The NEBOSH IGC exam is divided into two parts, IG1 and IG2. If you pass both parts, you can get the IGC certificate issued by NEBOSH.
·IG1 mainly includes the following 4 modules (4 elements):
Why we manage workplace health and safety
How does a health and safety management system work? what do they look like
Risk Management – Understanding People and Processes
Health and Safety Monitoring and Measurement

The IG1 course starts with the importance of workplace health and safety, discusses in detail how to implement a good health and safety management system, and discusses workplace risk management and health and safety performance evaluation indicators. IG1 mainly examines the trainees’ understanding of the occupational health and safety management system, as well as their ability to practically apply theoretical knowledge in daily work. The test requires students to search, retrieve, and read the English safety production management system and relevant laws, regulations and standards, which will help improve the professional quality of safety management personnel. IG1 has now completed the transition from closed-book offline examinations to online open-book examinations (OBE).

IG2 mainly includes the following 4 modules:
Physical and Mental Health
Ergonomics and Health
Chemicals and Biologicals
Common Workplace Issues
work equipment
the fire
electric shock

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The IG2 exam mainly assesses the risk identification, evaluation and control abilities of students in different working environments and job sites. Learning from IG2, participants are able to systematically analyze workplace hazards, assess risks, classify and rank different risks, determine priorities and priorities. Utilize the knowledge of mechanical safety, electrical safety, ergonomics, occupational health and other aspects learned by IG2, and formulate reasonable and feasible prevention and control measures in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, standards, guidance documents and industry best practices, so as to improve workplace safety Improve the level of health and safety management, create a healthy and safe working environment, and escort the safe production of enterprises.

Both subjects of NEBOSH IGC are open-book exams. Mid-term IG1 is from 11:00 a.m. UK time on the day of the exam to 11:00 a.m. the next day, that is, a 24-hour open-book answer. The exam paper is mainly a case study, and the answer is based on the case, and needs to be combined with references. Most of the references are ILO recommendations and UK HSE guidance.

The start time of the IG2 exam is the day after the end of the IG1 exam, about 7 days. The IG2 risk assessment report needs to be completed within the corresponding time. In order to protect the privacy of candidates, assumptions can be made in the assessment area.
About 2 months after the exam, you will receive the results. If you pass both subjects, you will pass the exam, and a certificate will be sent later.

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