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Mid Sweden University degree


Make A Fake Mid Sweden University degree. Buy A Fake Mid Sweden University Diploma, Buy Fake Mid Sweden University Transcript. Buy Fake degree certificate. The institution was founded on July 1, 1993 and was originally called Mid Sweden University College (Mitthögskolan), a joint venture between Högskolan i Sundsvall/Härnösand University College (Högskolan i Sundsvall/Härnösand) and Ostersund University College (Högskolan i Östersund ) combined result). The two university colleges, founded in 1977, have their roots in the School of Social Work, founded in 1971 in the city of Östersund, and in the Folk High School Teachers’ College and the Nautical Training/Navy School founded in 1842 in the city of Härnösand. On 1 July 1995, the School of Health Sciences Sundsvall/Ornskoldsvik and Östersund ( Vårdhögskolor ) were also integrated.

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In 2001, the University of Central Sweden was granted university status in the field of natural science research, including information technology, and was therefore entitled to award doctorates. Employees undertaking doctoral studies before this study at other universities, where they have their main supervisors, but also receive local supervision at MidSweden University College. Since January 1, 2005, the Swedish government has granted the institution the right to call itself a university, and the school’s name has been changed to Central Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet).

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