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Durham College Diploma


How To Order A Fake Durham College Diploma In Canada, Buy Fake Durham College Degree. Make A Fake Durham College Certificate, Buy A Fake Certificate In Canada. Durham College is a public university in Ontario, Canada, with two main campuses in Oshawa and Whitby. Durham College offers over 145[clarification needed] academic programs to approximately 13,600 full-time students, including 5 honors bachelor’s degrees and 9 apprenticeships.

The college opened in Oshawa on September 18, 1967 with 16 portable classrooms, 14 staff and 205 students. It offers courses in applied arts, business and technology. The college soon added health sciences and adult training courses. By 1977, enrollment had grown to 1,250 students.

In the 1980s, a new robotics laboratory was built and facilities further expanded, and enrollment continued to grow to 2,700 by 1987.

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In 1993, the college opened a second campus in Whitby, Ontario. It began offering skilled trades and apprenticeship programs through the Skills Training Center on campus.

In the early 2000s, the College entered into partnerships with York and Trent Universities, allowing students to study University courses from Durham College’s Oshawa campus. In 2003, we entered into a similar partnership with Ontario Institute of Technology. The college has expanded its course offerings to include more than 100 full-time courses. Enrollment grew to more than 7,100 students.

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