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How To Order A Fake Douglas College Diploma In Canada, Buy Fake Douglas College Degree. Make A Fake Douglas College Certificate, Buy A Fake Certificate In Canada. The Douglas College logo was unveiled to the public on January 21, 2020. The school badge was designed by Coast Salish artist Carrielynn Victor for the college’s 50th anniversary. The logo is the first in Canadian history to be designed entirely by an Aboriginal artist. The crowned heart in the center of the coat of arms is a feature of the coat of arms of the Douglas family (including the College’s namesake, Sir James Douglas), and a reference to the College’s motto “Do what you love”. The top canopy is made of cedar, a wood native to the region. There is a crow on the top of the crest, implying the wisdom represented by the crow. There are also two Douglas fir trees surrounding the crow, which is meant to be related to the name of the college. Beneath the shield, in the Coastal Salish language, is “excellence, knowledge, passion”. The reference to Aboriginal languages is an acknowledgment of the College’s operations in Aboriginal territories.

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The college has two main campuses in the Greater Vancouver area, one in New Westminster (Royal Mile and Annville Tower) and one in Coquitlam. The college also has a smaller training center campus in Surrey.

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