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Bishop's University Degree


How To Order A high-quality Bishop’s University Degree, Buy Bishop’s University Diploma, Order Fake Bishop’s University Certificate, Order Canada University Degree. Bishop’s University (French: Université Bishop’s) is a small English liberal arts university located in Lennoxville, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. The institution was founded by Anglican Bishop Georges Mountain of Quebec, who also served as the first president of McGill University. It is one of three universities in Quebec that teach primarily in English (the other two are McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal). Its founding began in the 1840s with the merger of Lennoxville Classical School into Bishop’s College School. The college was officially established in 1843 and received a royal charter from Queen Victoria in 1853.

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It remains one of Canada’s few predominantly undergraduate universities, operating like an American liberal arts college and affiliated with three other universities in the Maple Leaf League. The school was founded in 1843 as Bishop’s College and became affiliated with Oxford University in 1853. Many of BU’s professors came from Oxford University. The school was under the direction of the Anglican Church from its founding until 1947. Since then, the university has been a non-sectarian institution. Episcopal University has graduated fifteen Rhodes Scholars.

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