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Melbourne Polytechnic certificate


Where To Get Fake Melbourne Polytechnic certificate, Make A Fake Melbourne Polytechnic diploma, Order Fake Melbourne Polytechnic diploma and transcript. Melbourne Polytechnic, formerly known as NMIT, is a higher education and vocational education (TAFE) college located in Melbourne, Australia, which has been operating since around 1910.

In October 2014, with funding of A$19 million from the Victoria State Government, the college was renamed Melbourne Polytechnic.

Vocational education offers a wide range of study options, from short courses, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and traineeships, to certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, to higher education and associate degrees under the Australian Qualifications Framework. In 2013, Melbourne Polytechnic employed 511 full-time equivalent (FTE) teaching staff and 348.5 (FTE) support staff, delivering more than 500 courses. As of November 2014, there were 50,203 enrolled students, including 6,284 overseas students from overseas partner institutions.

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Melbourne Polytechnic is the largest primary industry training provider in Victoria and one of the largest in Australia, offering a range of courses from practical short courses to bachelor’s degrees in agriculture and technology, with a focus on viticulture, agronomy and agribusiness .

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