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Fresno Pacific University degree


How Much To Order Fake Fresno Pacific University degree, Replica Fresno Pacific University Certificate, Replica College Certificate. Pacific Bible College was founded in a large house at 1095 N. Van Ness Avenue. There are five staff members and twenty-eight students. As the first school year concluded, a former YWCA building (originally designed by Julia Morgan) on the corner of Tuolumne and L Streets was purchased, and the next school year began in this building.

By 1958, land was purchased for the construction of the current campus near the corner of Butler and Chestnut Streets, as well as the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary and the new Butler Avenue Mennonite Brethren Church. In the same year, construction of a new teaching building began, and a year later, construction of two dormitory buildings began. The teaching building was completed and put into use in the autumn of 1959, but due to financial difficulties, the dormitory building was not completed until 1961.

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The Bible College became an accredited junior college in 1961 and two years later (1963) decided to develop a four-year program. In 1964, Pacific Bible College changed its name to Pacific College and received WASC accreditation the following year. By 1967, it was decided to add graduate programs, and in 1975 the first MA program accredited by WASC was awarded. The college was renamed Fresno Pacific College in 1976 and Fresno Pacific University in 1997.

In 2010, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Theological Seminary became part of the university and was renamed Fresno Pacific University Biblical Theological Seminary.

The university obtained a Title IX exception in 2015, allowing it to legally discriminate against LGBT students. A student’s homosexual behavior is considered grounds for expulsion from campus. The school considers same-sex marriage to be anti-Christian.

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