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Conestoga College Diploma


Where To Purchase Conestoga College Diploma, Buy A Conestoga College Certificate, Buy Fake Canada Diploma. Established in 1967 as the Conestoga Institute of Applied Arts and Technology, the college was one of many such institutions established by the Ontario government at the time to award diplomas and Certificate. In 2012, when the government expanded the scope of the school to award degrees in technical fields, the school was renamed the school.

Over the years, we have cooperated with the University of Windsor to add courses such as the MBA program. In addition, the college offers a new nursing program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N.) degree. Students admitted to Conestoga’s nursing program will complete all four years of study at the Doon campus in Kitchener. Graduates of this program will receive a degree from McMaster University.

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Beginning in August 2003, two new programs were launched, which will be the first to award degrees to students entirely through the College. These are Bachelors of Engineering. The Mechanical Systems Engineering program is a fully accredited engineering program by Engineers Canada, while the BATech Architecture – Project and Facilities Management was added in 2007 with a third BA Tech Integrated Telecommunications and Computer Technology[5] degree program targeting embedded systems hardware and software design and manufacture. All three programs lead to a Bachelor of Applied Technology degree. In early 2005, a new Bachelor of Applied Health Science in Health Information Management [6] was launched in the College of Health Sciences, Community Services and Biotechnology.

In 2006, the College purchased the former University Heights Secondary School in Waterloo for nearly $6 million, and later that year the Waterloo campus was relocated from 435 King Street North to the Secondary School. The property is significantly larger than its former Waterloo campus, which the college will sell to cover the cost of the purchase.

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