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If the diploma, graduate diploma or degree certificate is lost due to various force majeure or personal fault, it cannot be reissued at present, and the corresponding certificate can only be issued by the graduation institution. Buy a fake diploma online. Although the above certificates are legally equivalent to graduation certificates and degree certificates, they cannot be equated with degree certificates and diplomas in actual social affairs, which is very inconvenient.
Xiaolong, who has just graduated, has been repeatedly frustrated in his job search because he lost his diploma. Xiao Liao, a newcomer in the workplace, is worried that losing the guarantee of his graduation certificate will affect his promotion prospects… Why can’t he get a diploma instead after studying hard for more than ten years? What if he loses it? Even ID cards and household registers can be reissued, but why is it so difficult to “photocopy” a graduation certificate? Industry insiders said that generally speaking, at the National Academic Qualification Appraisal Center, each diploma has only one number. If the management of reissue is relaxed, the authenticity of academic qualifications will be lost. Buy a fake degree.

Why is it so difficult to reissue: The principal has changed his signature and cannot be copied
In addition, there are technical and procedural limitations in issuing replacement diplomas. The teacher added: “After students’ graduation certificates were lost, some schools were merged into other universities, and the names of some schools were also changed. This change was even greater, and it was difficult to reissue diplomas. At the same time, due to the limited term of the university president, Most of the signatures and seals of the principal required in the original certificate cannot be reproduced, making the procedure difficult to execute.”
If you also encounter such a problem, you can contact us. We can copy the graduation certificate of any university and add the correct signature and seal to the original. Buy a realistic diploma.

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