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Carleton University degree


Where To Order Fake Carleton University degree, Buy A Carleton University Certificate, Buy Fake Canada Diploma. Carleton University is an English-speaking public research university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1942 as Carleton College, the institution began as a private, non-sectarian evening school serving World War II veterans. In 1952, the Carleton Provincial Government chartered Carleton University as a university through the Carleton University Act, which was subsequently amended in 1957 and the institution adopted its current name. The university is named after the now-defunct Carleton County, which included the city of Ottawa when the university was founded.

Carleton University has six departments and more than 65 degree programs. It has several professional institutions, including the Arthur M. Kroger School of Public Affairs, the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, the Carleton School of Journalism, the School of Public Policy and Management, and the Sprott School of Business.

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As of 2021, Carleton University enrolls more than 27,000 undergraduate students and 4,000 graduate students each year. Carleton University has a 150-acre campus located west of Old Ottawa South, near The Glebe and Confederation Heights. It is bounded by the Rideau Canal and Dow Lake to the north and the Rideau River to the south. Carleton has more than 165,000 alumni around the world, producing 7 Rhodes Scholars, 2 Pulitzer Prize winners, 8 Kilham Prize winners, and several Order of Canada recipients. In addition, the university has 53 Fellows and Fellows of the Royal Society and 3 Nobel Prize winners. Carleton also has 28 Canada Research Chairs, 1 Canada 150 Chair, 13 IEEE Fellows and 10 3M National Teaching Award recipients.

Carlton competes in the American Athletic Conference as the Carlton Ravens. Since 2003, the Carlton Ravens have won 16 of 19 national championships.

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