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Cambridge School Certificate
Cambridge School Certificate

Buy Cambridge school certificate, Fake Cambridge school certificate for sale. How to get high school certificate? make high school certificate in Mauritius, How to get a Cambridge school certificate is a degree in Mauritius, awarded after completion of Upper 6 Form, final stage of secondary school. Qualification is granted after obtaining a passing grade at A-level examinations administered by the Mauritius Examinations Board in conjunction with Cambridge International Examinations’ Cambridge Local Examinations Board. Buy Fake GCE Certificate, Fake IGCSE Certificate Maker, Higher Education Certificate Professional Qualification (HSC Pro) is an alternative leaving certificate with a modified curriculum and structure that allows students to pursue both academic courses and vocational training, preparing them for higher education and employment. The qualification will be introduced on a pilot basis in 2015.

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This qualification has several unique features that set it apart from traditional higher education qualifications. One is to incorporate the Cambridge International ICT curriculum to adapt to local contexts, replacing A-Levels. The other is to replace AS General Paper with the mandatory alternative AS Global Perspectives, which aims to develop communication, analytical and research skills. The other is the Work Placement Component (WPC), a structured and supervised placement that provides practical work experience in industry. Get transcript fake certificate.

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