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Buy a fake diploma in the USA. How to order a fake degree in the United States? Two-year Associate Degree Two-year Associate Degree

Two-year associate degrees are also divided into Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.). Local schools that offer two-year associate’s degrees are mainly community colleges, vocational education colleges, and some four-year undergraduate institutions. Students who obtain an associate’s degree only want to complete the first two years of college credits while saving money and convenience, and then transfer to a four-year university to complete the last two years of study, and finally obtain a bachelor’s degree. Some students will choose to work directly after receiving an associate degree. This is also a very common phenomenon among American students. Because of the credit system, they can choose to continue their studies at any time.

Bachelor or Baccalaureate Degree Bachelor’s degree

How to bauy a fake USA Bachelor’s degree in the USA? This is the undergraduate degree that everyone is most familiar with in the conventional sense. The duration of education is usually four or five years. The most different divisions are Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in your field of study. There are also some special majors that award bachelor’s degrees in special directions, such as the Bachelor of Fine Arts or the Bachelor of Agriculture. of Architecture).

Graduate DegreeGraduate Degree

Advanced degrees in graduate school are required to be completed upon completion of a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degrees are divided into Master of Arts and Master of Science. The general length of study is two years, and some have fast tracks, such as one-year master’s degrees in business. But the requirements will increase accordingly. The duration of study for a PhD is four to five years. Usually, in the first one to two years, you need to strengthen the study of research methodology in the English college environment, and then in the next three years, you will enter the formal research, thesis and defense process. Individual doctoral programs allow students to earn a separate master’s degree after the first two years and then choose to terminate or continue. However, there are also schools that do not allow it but have a strict elimination mechanism. Doctoral degrees from American universities allow undergraduates to apply directly, but in reality, except for special majors and individuals, many doctoral applicants have a master’s degree.

Professional Degree Professional Degree

Can I buy a fake Master diploma in USA? Professional degrees are very difficult to obtain. They are very high-level, strictly reviewed, and have special channels for studying abroad. They are completely different from what we Chinese think of professional education. This course is for students who wish to obtain professional qualifications in the medical and legal professions. For example, M.D. and J.D. professional degrees require a bachelor’s degree. A doctor of medicine also requires pre-med studies. And the standards for applying and obtaining are very high.

Joint Degree

This is a way to save time and create maximum academic results. Students can earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time. American universities allow undergraduates to apply for a master’s degree during their undergraduate studies. If admitted, they can start graduate studies in their senior year. Of course, obtaining a degree is more difficult and intensive.

Liberal Arts and Career in Combine Liberal Arts and Career combined degree

This is a 3+2 type of dual degree acquisition method. Usually students complete a certain liberal arts major in the first three years and study a certain vocational technology in the next two years. Finally, two bachelor’s degrees are awarded, usually a B.A. and a B.S. Buy a fake USA diploma.

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