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How to buy a fake Canada College diploma? Buy Canada University Diplomas and Transcripts in 2024. Common academic qualifications and diplomas in Canada
Bachelor’s Degree
Undergraduate degrees in Canada are generally divided into two types, bachelor’s degrees and honors bachelor’s degrees (Honours). Some projects will indicate whether they are an honorary bachelor’s degree program when applying, while others will not indicate whether they are an honorary bachelor’s degree program, but if certain standards are met during the study process, an honorary bachelor’s degree will also be awarded.
minor: Minor subjects that complement your major. It can be related to your major or not. The specific official website shall prevail. There is specific information for your reference.
Specialization: This type of course is closely related to the major. It should be noted that your minor and specialization will be written on the degree certificate together with your major.
Double major/joint major: It is the familiar double major, which requires two majors.

Master’s Degree, Buy a Canada University Master’s Degree.
Postgraduate programs are usually divided into course-based and research-based.
Students who want to apply for a taught master’s degree need to submit undergraduate transcripts, graduation certificates, degree certificates, language scores, resumes, personal statements, letters of recommendation, etc. when applying.
A research master’s degree is suitable for students who want to study for a Ph.D. after graduating from a master’s degree. Students applying for this type of project not only need to submit the above-mentioned materials, but also need to contact the instructor for magnet recruitment and even an interview. In addition to completing the necessary courses, you must complete a graduation project under the supervision of a supervisor before graduation. The research project duration is 24 months.

Doctor’s Degree, How to make a fake Canada University Doctor’s Degree?
In Canada, most PhD degrees are research-based. However, some programs also have taught PhDs, such as education majors.

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